Monday, 7 November 2011

Please take a look at my website and all the fairs and exhibitions I am at over the christmas period!


  1. How lovely to find you Jade! What gorgeous goodness you create and what a lovely little corner of happiness you have here in bloggy land!
    I've just come from the design edge catalogue, and was loving the little page you have..just had to follow the links!
    Maybe see you in April!! (I'm going to be a newcomer at the British Craft trade fair in 2012 gulp!!)
    Jenny x

  2. muito lindo !!!! adorei !!bjossssssss

  3. Jade, I just saw your work today at the BCTF and I love your work too! I'm on stand n63 and if I don't get to see you tomoro I'd just like to let you know I'd love to feature your work on my blog. I run a feature each week on work I like. Please send me some images and a photo of your stand as I prob won't be able to escape mine tomoro as I'm on my own, my sister who has been helping me has left tonight. Hope you have a very successful last day